Zahida Kazmi

Zahida Kazmi – First female taxi driver of Pakistan

Zahida Kazmi is the first female taxi driver of Pakistan.

Zahida decided to become a taxi driver when her husband passed away in 1992.

She was 33 at that time and a mother of 6 children.

But it wasn’t that easy for her to adopt this profession as she had to face the resistance by her own mother in this venture.

As there were children to look after so she decided to go against her mother’s will.

She bought a new taxi from a scheme run by government in those times.

For her own protection, in the beginning, Zahida used to take a gun with her.

She also used to wear Burqa (Islam Clothing for Women) to avoid any unusual happening.

Later on, as per her saying, she realized that she would have scared off the passengers if she had continued like that.

So she started to take things easier as the time went. Now she wears a “Dupatta” to cover her head.

A number of travelers have complete belief in Zahida & prefer her on other taxi drivers while traveling.

As to why, she is still active after so many years, here is what she had to say,

“I am old now and I get tired. It’s hard for me to drive all the time but what can I do? My sons don’t help.” Zahida Kazmi

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