YouTube has a New Way to Share the Videos

YouTube, a Video Giant

YouTube is a very popular video platform nowadays. You can find all kind of videos on this single app/website. Everyone around the World follows channels of their own interest here. And there are billions of users and their views on daily basis where they watch the videos and share them with their friends.

A New Way to Share

Until now, it was not easy to share our favorite videos with our friends. We had to share a link of that video on some other platform with our friends. And that was kind of annoying to do. I mean first we had to copy the link. Then we had to send it through Facebook or Whatsapp or any other messenger or app.

But those days are gone now. YouTube has revealed a new feature for its app. Now you can actually share your favorite content with your friends without going anywhere else. This feature allows you to directly share the videos right on YouTube app.

There will be a conversation created specifically for that video. And you can chat/talk about it right on YouTube app.

You can even reply with another video in the conversation. Moreover, you can react with heart to your favorite comment.

There will be a special tab created for that conversation. So it will be easier to catch up with that later.

It sure wasn’t easy before to share your dearest stuff with your dear friends. But Now, YouTube has made it possible. 🙂

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