You Will Be Amazed To See This Young Pakistani Photography

You Will Be Amazed To See This Young Pakistani Photography

People say that becoming a photographer takes from five to six years of regular and steady instruction and advancement but reality differs from this by a mile. Photographers are not prepared in any establishment . Rather they do photography based on their self taught lessons and begin from scratch with their equipment.

A professional photographer is an individual with immense talent. He is somebody who has a vision, a mind that is creative and works hard to accomplish self perfection.

Story Of Young Pakistani (Muaz Asim)

While, on a trip with his family, Muaz borrowed his friend’s camera and managed to get some beautiful pictures. After his homecoming, he did some work regarding post processing on those pictures which he captured during his journey.

As soon as he was done with those captures, he shared them with his family and friends. To his surprise, he got praised for his efforts and was appreciated for his hard work. Muaz took that appreciation as motivation and eventually joined some photo walks. He also did some research work on his Photography skills to have better grip in the field mentioned.

It wasn’t late until he got a call from NUST University for a Photography workshop for their students. And that was a moment of honor for him as well as an indication towards his struggle getting paid off. 

He has also appeared as a judge in FAST NU for photography summit 17? as well as in HITEC Taxila. He is a highly devoted and passionate professional photographer, highly specialized in techniques of light management, photo editing software’s as well as a great eye for composition.

Muaz Asim Winning Picture

One of his photographs received the third prize for the Best Image at Sony World Photography Award 2017 in National Awards category, held by the World Photography Organization. The category overall featured local photos from 66 countries.

Winners of National Awards receive Sony digital imaging equipment to encourage photographers to continue their journey. A number of winners are invited to attend the Sony World Photography Awards ceremony in London and given a chance to witness their work exhibit at the prestigious Somerset House.

Muaz kept his focus on his dream. And as of Today, people are applauding his work, his creativity and his passion for this profession.

Muaz Asim Win Award 2017

Image below shows a fearless girl playing with her thin braid while looking into the camera with an intrepid gaze.

Muaz Asim Story

He is now the Owner & the Creator of Adhere Photography,

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