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WhatsApp beta now supports PiP video calls

WhatsApp beta now supports PiP video calls, Google’s Android O has been the talk of the town, this upcoming new Google OS is rumored to have lots of features and updates. As of now, it is only available in beta version. One of the interesting features which the Android O house is PiP feature dubbed as Picture-in-Picture.

Currently, the Android O has shipped support of PiP for WhatsApp beta version 2.17.265 for Android, enabling the users to call in PiP mode. Basically, the feature let one minimize video call window into a smaller window while enabling the users to answer another conversation or to work on something else.

Like Google’s Duo, WhatsApp is using PiP to keep an ongoing video call in view at all times, regardless of what the user may be doing on their device. When leaving the app, the PiP window pops up so long as a video call is ongoing. The feature is enabled by default and still supports the option to mute your microphone.

It’s a simple addition, and one that makes a lot of sense for the app. As mentioned, this functionality is live right now if you’re a beta tester for WhatsApp. To join that group, simply visit the Play Store listing for WhatsApp from your device, scroll down and you’ll see the option to join the beta test. Obviously, you’ll also need to be running the Android O beta in order to give this a shot.


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