Wasif Gohar - A Talented Pakistani Artist & Photographer

Wasif Gohar – A Talented Pakistani Artist & Photographer

Pakistan has a youth industry which is full of talent in about every field. Sports, writing, entertainment are some of the niches to name for. But here we will talk about photography and an emerging star of this discipline.

Wasif gohar has a social presence across different platforms on internet by the name of Art by Wasif. He is a photographer as well as a Pencil artist. His photographs and sketches are equally praised by his social audience.

He has appeared for 5 times on TV as a guest star by Pakistani Channels. A video was posted by his Facebook page, shot from his drone on 15th of October by the name of “Bird’s Eye Lahore”. That video has more than 300k views, till now, on mentioned platform.

This video was also shared and praised by the official page of Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shehbaz Sharif. It got featured on Neo news as well, a Famous Pakistani News Channel.

His best work as a photographer (from recent times) includes a drone shot of Ghanta Ghar Faisalabad, a time lapse shot of Masjid Wazir Khan Lahore and a drone shot above the liberty roundabout, Lahore.

His recent work about sketching includes a sketch of “1 Rupee Coin” of Pakistan,  Sprite bottle and an egg made with the help of water Colors. All of his work reflects his hard work and struggle behind the scenes.

Wasif Gohar is just an individual out of a plethora of talented artists of our country who are yet to break their identities in front of the World. And their talent asks for much more appreciation than they are currently embraced with.

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