Walk To Beat

Walk to Beat, An initiative for Parkinson’s Patients

Fatality of Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a fatal illness which has affected nearly 10 million people worldwide. Generally, a person feels tremors, rigidity in limbs and sometimes completely ceased movement. There is currently no cure to this disease but there are some techniques to minimize its effects. Walk to Beat, a startup company by Neha Shahid, has designed a similar kind of tech which helps with the symptoms of this disease.

Walk to Beat

Neha Shahid is a student of University of West of England. Her grandfather suffered from this disease. So it was her inspiration to research on this fatal malady.Walk To Beat

Robotics Innovation Facility Bristol interviewed Neha shahid in 2016. She said “There isn’t a cure for Parkinson’s – medication just prolongs the condition and helps you stay alive for longer. My aim is to make [Parkinson’s sufferers] lives a bit better while they are dealing with it.”

She has designed a special Walking stick through her initiative. This device helps the Parkinson’s patients when rigidness occurs. There is a sensor in the handle of the stick. When a person’s movement seizes, it vibrates with the help of sensor. In this way, the patients are reminded to continue their movement.

The device was designed to look like an ordinary walking stick so that it does not feel special to others.

“I wanted to design something that was aesthetically pleasing and discreet, so I could solve a problem in an almost secret way. The beat can only be felt by the user – it cannot be heard or seen.” she said.

She explained: “More than the disease itself, a big problem is the impact on social lives. Some other products for people with Parkinson’s have a stigma attached to them – they look like products for disabled people. Because one of the symptoms is a tremor, patients drink from sippy cups and use children’s cutlery because it is easier to grip, but that seemed undignified to me.”Walk To Beat

“The Walk to Beat walking stick can make a real difference to the lives of people suffering from Parkinson’s and we are looking forward to providing further support in helping realize its potential.” she added. Bristols Robotic Lab now hosts Walk to Beat.


Projects like these are really helping to masses out there. And they are a factor of certainty that Humanity is also evolving as the time is moving forward.

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