Twitter has revised its Character limit

Twitter has Revised its Character limit for “Tweets”

Rise of Social Media and Twitter

Twitter has revised its character limit: 21st century brought the revolution of internet with its arrival. It became easier for people around the world to contact with each other. And then we saw the rise of social media where it got possible to converse with others on a single platform. Twitter is also one of these online places.

Popularity and Features of Twitter

Twitter was launched in 2006 and since then it is being used by millions and billions of people. It is basically a platform where user has to make a user account at start. After that, he/she can add other people in his/her timeline. Timeline is something where you see things posted by those people to whom you are following.

It also features direct message where you can send a message to your friend or relative privately. But the basic feature which made twitter so much popular is “Tweets”.

Tweets are small posts, messages which a twitter user can share on his timeline. If that user has been added by others than they will also see what that specific person has posted/Tweeted. It is a kind of public message.

Revised Character Limit

At first, there was a limit of 140 characters to write per Tweet. But now, Twitter has revised its character limit to 280 characters per Tweet. This feature will be definitely helpful for those who used to add numbers in their Tweets to denote the parts of message/post.

Additionally, users faced difficulties in making their posts short or compact just to fit in those 140 characters before. But now, they have the liberty to elaborate their short memos. Yet, there is a catch. This increase is not available for 3 languages: Japanese, Chinese and Korean as of now.

The reason behind this cause is that you can actually use lower number of characters to convey the message in these languages. In other words, the same message will be shorter in these 3 languages as compared to English or other languages. But Twitter is still open to reconsider this matter as it gets to learn more about these languages.

Surely, we will get to see more updates and upgrades to this platform as its rivals are also rising with fast pace. Until then, enjoy these 280 characters in your Tweets.

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