Simsim finja

SimSim Finja – Pakistan’s First Free Mobile Wallet

SimSim Finja is a Pakistani startup which aims to give its customers a relief from

a common headache of every day.

It was founded by Qasif Shahid, Monis Rahman and Umer

Munawar, all of them belong to Pakistan.

As we know, a small amount is deducted every time someone makes a transaction

from his/her bank account.

But, Finja wants to relieve you from this concept by giving you

the facility of free interbank Transfer.

This means, you won’t have to worry about any kind of additional charges

on your bank transfer amounts using Finja.

Additionally, there will be no need of any kind of paper work i.e. checkbooks

or bank receipts etc.

Finja offers a SIMSIM wallet which plays a key role in

its optimal functioning.

SIMSIM wallet is their main feature which helps you in sending

interbank transfers with zero cost to pay.

This specific wallet can be recharged by Inter Bank Fund Transfer (IBFT)

, 1-Link ATM’s or by UBL Omni agents.

Additionally, another SIMSIM wallet can be used for this purpose too.

SIMSIM wallet account is opened on behalf of your cell phone number.

Money can be sent to the receiver by entering his/her phone number

or by using the QR code utility.

Moreover, you can pay your bills or buy different kind

of vouchers through this wallet.

You can also recharge your mobile phone credit from it.

When it comes to the security, they claim to have a comprehensive

process for this purpose as well.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. SimSim Finja

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