Shaheer Niazi - The Youngest Pakistani Scientist

Shaheer Niazi – The Youngest Scientist of Pakistan

Meet the Youngest Scientist of Pakistan, Shaheer Niazi.

At the age of just 17, he is definitely considerable for being the Youngest Scientist in our country.

Here is how the things started at first place for him.

Talking at TEDx, he told that one day, her mother came to him and said:

“Shaheer! There is this competition called the International Young Physicist Tournament.jehan araPakistan is not a participant in it; I want you to participate in it.”

Shaheer accepted this challenge and formed a team of 5 members with the help of some sponsors.

He then contacted the organizing committee of the event

which was reluctant to allow them at first, due to the lack of inexperience.

But then, after pushing them a bit, they allowed Shaheer & Co to come there.

At the event, they were given 2 problems to solve per person, related to physics and then have to make a Thesis Presentation on themZymal UmarAlthough Pakistan didn’t win, Shaheer was still satisfied as their main motive to represent their country was achieved.

It was the electric honeycomb phenomenon which they were asked to represent on IYPT.

Shaheer now has a dream to bring Nobel Prize for his country and we wish the young scientist best of luck for his next venture.

“Wherever we go, whatever we do; we are still Pakistani.”

Shaheer Niazi

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