Sarim Hassan

Sarim Hassan – A Special Pakistani Kid Having High Goals

Sarim Hassan is a Patient of muscular disorder and yet he says,

his dreams and spirits are higher than a normal person.

According to him, he has never been to a school in his whole life.

He took home tuition till Grade 4.

But issues with his body forced him to leave those tuitions as well.MOIZ SHAUKAT – AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY OF PHYSICALLY DISABLED TEENAGER FROM PAKISTAN

He says he was hopeless and wasn’t able to do anything.

But one day

“I realized that Allah has made me a human being, therefore, I am obliged

to do something for my country and its people.

Allah has created human beings to help one another.

If Allah didn’t want me to help others, he would’ve made me a cow or a goat.”FATIMA HASSAN – A DIFFERENTLY ABLED PAKISTANI GRAPHIC DESIGNER

His aim was to be a famous person but didn’t come up with a solid idea.

Later, his friends gave him some opinion to use social media as a tool to help him pursue his dream goal.

He now has a page of his own (sarim’s site) and is working hard for it.

He says that social media has changed lives of a lot of people.

And one day he will be famous too & just like other celebrities he will be a celebrity as well.

No matter how hard the situation is Trust Allah and believe in yourself that you can & you will achieve what you want in life.
Sarim Hassan

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