Rozee.Pk – Pakistan’s Biggest Online Job Portal

Pakistan’s Biggest Online Job Portal is a Pakistani Website which has seen a lot of

progress since the year of its foundation, 2007.

It is basically a platform of employment where one can

find jobs of his suitable tier by searching using some filters.

Thousands of companies post their vacancies here, in search of

suitable candidates, regularly.

It all started back in 2007 when Monis Rahman, its founder, made

a rough site regarding job opportunities in his company, Naseeb Networks.

But later, he was reached by different companies which asked him to

post their ads as well.

Monis accepted this offer and posted them

on the initial structure of his site.

After his site saw growth, he gave it a proper name,

Rozee is an Urdu term, synonymous to English word “Livelihood.”

According to Wikipedia, more than 63,000 companies regularly post their

ads on

In 2013, acquired a Saudi sister site,, with amount undisclosed. came up widely as No.1 employment website of Pakistan.

It was named one of the fastest growing companies of Pakistan by

Michael Porter, an academic.

After its acknowledgment, an American writer wrote in his book that

next Silicon Valley could be in Istanbul, Lahore or Mumbai.

“Success doesn’t just come and find you,you have to go out and get it.” Monis Rahman – Founder & CEO of

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