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Why Password Is Important Information About Our Online Life

With the advent of 21st Century, we saw some game changing improvisations in the World of Technology. We saw the evolution of computers, laptops and mobile phones into their much better selves. There were Computers and Laptops with terabytes of RAM and Memory. We also got to see Smartphones with big touch sensitive displays and with many more improvements over their ancestors. But that one thing which really brought us into the future is INTERNET.

It won’t be wrong to say that internet is our basic necessity of everyday life. We are connected to the people all over the globe through this Magical facility. And if we talk about connectivity, roughly each of us is virtually present on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot of other sites. Usually, we have to make an account on these sites with a username and a password.

But there is a catch to our security and most of us may not be worried about it, till now. So let’s move directly to the point as to why Password is important information about our online life.

Your own Ease, Your own Enemy

Well, most of us do not care about the sensitivity of Password. When we are asked to set up an account on some site, we have to input this information which is the prime thing about our online security. But majority of people commit this act of negligence and they ignore the vital role of Password.

Many of us set up some easy words for our own ease so that we may not face some hurdle in case we forget it. But the thing is that we expose ourselves in front of malware, cyber attacks straightaway when we decide to prefer our own ease over our safety.

Consequently, it will uncover our contacts, pictures and other private stuff will. Nonetheless, we certainly can improve our security with the help of a few steps. Here is what we can do to remain safe from this horrible side of Internet.

Better Password = Improved Safety

First of all, we have to choose a complex password so that it remains inaccessible to hackers or to other uninvited guests. We should pick a Pass which comprises of alphabets as well as numbers and other characters like “#”, “*” etc. A mixture of these will be kind of impossible to break by any means and in turn will be beneficial for us.

Secondly, there is an option of security question on a lot of sites now for a more secure account. There will pop out a question, every time or on certain times depending upon what type of pattern you have set. The question will have your personal information and no one else would be aware of it except you.

Also, a text notification in case of unwanted access is another secure option. These options are available on a lot of sites out there including Facebook and Twitter. Certainly none of us want our private information in someone else’s hands. So to avoid that, we have to take these measures for our security because an unsecure online availability is nothing less than a treat for your cyber enemy.

Stay Safe.

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