Our unfamiliarity with the true meaning of Life

Our unfamiliarity with the true meaning of Life

Life, as we all know, is the name of mobility, name of being mobile all the time. If there is no movement, then there is no life to spot. The World is a community where different forms of life are breathing, living with sub communities of their own. As we know, humans are the most prominent and vital living species here on this planet.So the human community also gets that status.

But what if there is disorder, chaos in a society full of life? What if one person doesn’t care about the life of other? Obviously it will lead to destruction of the discipline in that society. If there is no harmony, no respect for each other than the true essence of life will fade away from that social gathering.

Our unfamiliarity with the true meaning of Life

Humans have evolved a lot. Today, we can see megastructures being molded all over the World. Wide roads, green huge parks, shopping malls and everything which belongs to this category is crowded with humans every day. Larger the number of people at some place, greater the odds of an unfortunate event to happen. After all where there is life, there is death too.

Now comes the part where I said earlier whether we care about each other or not. Suppose an accident happened and someone was in desperate need of Medicare. Let’s say an ambulance came for his/her help but because of his/her critical situation they decided to take the person to a hospital. And suppose there was huge traffic on the road.Edhi Ambulance

Here is what should have happened. People should have actually cared about that individual by adjusting their cars for the person fighting for his life but instead, what actually happened was that person died because of the carelessness and because of self priority of that crowd of traffic.

Our unfamiliarity with the true meaning of life is to blame for this. We do not care if someone is fighting for his death just beside us. We are so much involved in our daily chores that humanity is departing from us slowly without us being aware of this.

What needs Need of the Hour

Thousands of people die on daily basis just because of the carelessness of ours by not co-operating with them in their moments of crisis. What if a particular victim was someone very near to us? How would we feel about that?

We have to acknowledge ourselves with the fact that all life is as precious as of someone dear to us.  Let us implement this rule right from this moment and help others because saving a single life is equal to saving all of humanity.

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