Child Labor

Origin of Child Labor

World is full of people belonging to different tiers and having different standards. There are humans belonging to elite class as well as some humans who cannot afford to have a meal for a day. Where superior class of mankind enjoys all kind of luxuries available on this planet, lower class cannot even afford to stare at those luxuries.

On one side where rich kids enjoy all kind of utilities/facilities. Available around poor children cannot even afford to pay fee for education for their brighter future. And when there seems no way to tackle this imbalance, Child Labor is born.

Reasons & facts behind Child Labor

Child labor

World is full of different forms of horrors happening around all the time. Child labor is one of them. There are some poor families who believe education will not be handy for their children and hence they force their children to work and earn on daily basis for the sake of their family. But that is not the case all the time.

Sometimes, a child takes no interest in seek of knowledge. He takes it as a mere burden on his shoulders and therefore, joins the profession of labor. According to a survey, more than 200 million children are child laborers around the World and 73 million of them are under the age of 10. If we just think about these numbers, these are horrific.child labor

Pakistan alone has a large number of children who belong to this category. Children work at shops as well as housekeepers where they are sometimes beaten to death without showing any mercy. There are number of reasons behind this tragic reality. Firstly, if they have parents, then they are to blame for this unimaginable reality.

Why they let their child work for them when their own selves are completely eligible to handle that burden? Secondly, employer is an important origin of this. But the main cause behind these two reasons is unawareness. Parents, employers and even children are unaware of the fact that child labor results in the making of an irreversible horror. And consequently, criminals are born out of them.

What Needs to Done

Now what needs to be done. Is that first There must be a law to prevent this crime from happening at first place. Awareness among child’s parents, child himself as well as in employer (shopkeeper) so that neither that parent should allow his kid to load that burden on his shoulders nor should that employer allow his instinct to take that poor soul as a worker.

It is only then that we will be able to achieve peace around the world. When we have awareness regarding crimes happening around us or maybe because of us.

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