Muhammad Nafay – Pakistan’s Emerging Digital Artist

Muhammad Nafay – Pakistan’s Emerging Digital Artist

Pakistani Digital artist

Nafay is a Pakistani Digital artist who creates amazing paintings on Photoshop.

His work is known as Concept Art and he started it last year with an aim to paint daily on Photoshop.

Having passion for Digital art and practicing it daily turned him into a successful digital artist.

Nafay has an Instagram account with the name “Le Nafay” and tagline “Welcome to Digital Art”

where he regularly draw and paint outclass environments and sceneries.


He is a great fan of space and universe thus his art depicts various type of environments influenced by it.

He started his journey as a Freelance Graphic Designer but side by side he aimed to make his own art style that would be different from traditional art of Pakistan.

Currently, he is studying Advertising and Design from Szabist. He has really strong foundations in animation and corporate design.

Besides that, he is also a part of ConnectHear Startup where he leads the graphic design section of the company.

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Nafay is also planning to start his own company later this year.

When people ask him that that how he creates such amazing paintings within 2 hour or less,

he makes an amazing reply that practice art as you practice math all day.

In order to succeed, he believes in focusing on foundations rather than jumping to details.

“Digital art holds bright future and slowly our Country will realize that traditional art is not the only art that is capable to sell and succeed.” –Nafay

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