Nadir Ali Khan

Nadir ali khan – Young Pakistani Human Rights Activist & Founder of E-Hands

Young Pakistani Humanitarian

Nadir Ali Khan, is a young pakistani humanitarian and human rights activist from Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Nadir was in Grade 8 when he started working with different NGOs voluntarily.

Presently, residing in Islamabad, he is working as a volunteer with different National and International NGOs.

Currently, he is running an NGO “E – HANDS” to use technology as a tool for social welfare,

and involving youth in positive & Humanitarian, and development activities for promoting SDGs.Farhan wilayat

He has been awarded with several awards like Youth Achiever Award 2015-2016, Hunarmand Pakistan award,

Abdul Sattar Edhi award ‘National Leadership Award’, and Talent Tribute award.

He is using technology and social media for welfare projects, raising voice for human rights, distributing funds & clothes,

organizing marriages for girls, and arranging blood & wheelchairs for patients & disabled persons.

Recently, Nadir started a relief mission for the victim families by firing at LOC names LOC Relief Mission.sarim hassan

Nadir is a brand ambassador of different networks and member of several Youth wings.

He have involved almost 3000 youth in many different projects of several areas of Pakistan.

This youngster has achieved a lot in his early years and serving humanity with his commendable voluntarism.

Nadir’s goal is to create awareness among youth so that everyone can contribute for the country as a good citizen.

“The community service and volunteerism is my passion and I loved to do that daily “. – Nadir Ali Khan

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