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Moiz Shaukat – An Inspirational Story Of Physically Disabled Teenager From Pakistan

Inspiring Story of Young Pakistani

Moiz Shaukat is a physically disabled teenager from Pakistan.

According to him, when he went to the school for the first time, he was given the label of a ‘disabled boy’ who couldn’t walk at his own.

It was really a challenge for him to hear when someone used to call him ‘disabled boy’, back then.

According to his mother, he was in 5th class when he got operated for his natural bodily cause.

For the time being, he seemed fine after that surgery.FATIMA HASSAN – A DIFFERENTLY ABLED PAKISTANI GRAPHIC DESIGNER

But soon that state got over him again and now he walks/stands in a bending position.

He says that he didn’t lose hope regardless of the people around him

who used to utter unsuitable words for him like “it would be good for him to stay at home”.

It turns out that he was right about himself after all.

He didn’t give up and now he is a Motivational Speaker, Writer, Author, and chairman of Dream Builders.SARIM HASSAN – A SPECIAL PAKISTANI KID HAVING HIGH GOALS

Moiz also has a number of awards to his name including Pakistan’s Youngest Inspirational Award.

He is also a Brand Ambassador at “Peace Without Borders.”

His future plans include becoming an I.T professional.

Moiz also aims to earn a lot of money to build a shelter for kids and will provide them with basic facilities free of cost.

“Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Hope for Tomorrow”. Moiz Shaukat

Inspirational Quote By Moiz Shaukat

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