Inspiring Millions: Mobeen Ansari – Young Pakistani Breathtaking Photographer

Young Pakistani Inspiring Millions

Mobeen Ansari is a painter, a sculptor, photojournalist, printmaker,

and storyteller from Islamabad, Pakistan.

He has graduated from the National College of Arts with the major in Painting.

At three weeks of age, he had a severe meningitis attack due

to which he lost most of his hearing and smell.FATIMA HASSAN – A DIFFERENTLY ABLED PAKISTANI GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Somehow this strengthened his visual sense and a keen eye for observation.

Over the years it led to his love for painting and then photography

He travels all over Pakistan to capture ‘uncharted territories’,

beautiful heritage as well as inspirational stories.

Mobeen has worked with publications like Newsweek, Timeline, The Friday Times and a few others.


He launched his first book, with the name Dharkan: the Heartbeat of a Nation last year,

which includes portraits and stories of both iconic and very ordinary people.

The book highlights the visible and unsung heroes of Pakistan,

who have shaped it and continue to work for its betterment

He has launched another book with the title White in the Flag on the 70th birthday of Pakistan.

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The book focuses on religious minorities. Mobeen has explored the diversity,

depth, and vibrancy of its religions, cultures, and subcultures in his book.

Hello, Magazine selected him as one of Pakistan’s Hot 100 talents.

His biggest dream is to capture the Earth and other wonders from outer space as he is greatly fascinated by nature.

“I don’t live in the past, I don’t plan for the future. I live in the now and now has been an awesome journey.” – Mobeen Ansari

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