Kiran Sadhwani

Kiran Sadhwani – First female engineer from Tharparkar

Kiran Sadhwani is the first female engineer from Tharparkar, A desert in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

She is currently hired under the banner of Thar Coal Project as a site engineer.

It was her dream to serve for her region and now, she is living it.

She did her BS in engineering from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.

But it was never easy for her to step into this field. In a recent interview to Express Tribune,

She told that like most of the parents around Thar, her parents also wanted her to be a teacher.

And it was really hard for her to persuade them for the field of engineering. But, in the end, she managed to get their acceptance.

Still, this wasn’t the only hurdle in the chase to her dreams, she

also had to face a hectic recruitment procedure where she was

chosen out of 4000 candidates.

After the selection, she wanted to stay at the site for the

better understanding of her work and for this, again, she had to

convince her father. Her father visited the site and then let her stay there.

So in short it wasn’t an easy journey for Kiran Sadhwani to achieve her goals.

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