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5 YouTube Channels for Kids Learning

We all know that this is the age of technology. Tech has made our life easier BUT faster too. Today, we as parents do not have enough time to spend with our kids. Again a busy schedule of life is to blame for this. But, there are other means to fill that void, somewhat. I mentioned “somewhat” because technology will never be able to come on par with the physical presence of parents for their children. Anyhow, there is a lot of stuff for kids on the web now a days. But it is hard to pick which one is better than the rest.

So here I am presenting you with 5 YouTube channels for kids where they can learn at their own, without causing you any trouble.

1 – Kids TV

kids tv
Source : @KidsTv Youtube Channel

We all know that nursery rhymes are kind of mandatory stuff for a child’s early life in this era. That is what Kids TV provides you with. With over 4.4 million of subscribers, this channel has exciting lessons for your children to learn from. These lessons are uploaded everyday in the form of 3D animated rhymes and other educational related videos. In short, it is a one way stop for your child’s entertainment.

2 – Sesame Street

Sesame Street
Source : @Sesame Street Youtube Channel

Like their website, their YouTube channel too has a lot to offer. There are the surplus amount of videos on this channel which can make your kids creative as well as skilled too. With over 2.8 million of subscribers, this channel can teach your kids about different lessons as well as morals too, to cope with their daily life experiences. So it is an overall package for your toddlers.

3 – Oh My Genius

With over 600k of subscribers, this channel offers stuff for your child to learn about shapes, numbers and ABCs with what they call is “Confidence and Pride”. There are a lot of Rhymes and other kid’s related videos. They will surely make the day of your kid, with or without your presence.

4 – Minutephysics

Source : @Minutephysics Youtube Channel

Your kid might be causing you some trouble regarding some questions of which you may not know the answers to. Well, there is no need to worry. Minutephysics is a YouTube channel which can answer the complex questions asked by your kids in a simple way. With over 3 million of subscribers, this website is a true treat for your little scientists.

5 – TED-Ed

Source : @TEDed Youtube Channel

This channel features some of the smartest and best videos on internet in response to the burning questions asked by your 8+ kids. There are videos about riddles and other stuff which present solutions to your child’s queries. This channel has over 5 million of subscribers. Let your kids know about this and do some favor to your own selves.

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