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Eliminating bonded Child Labour – Kabir Sohail – Young Pakistani Humanitarian

Kabir is a young self-proclaimed Pakistani Humanitarian who primarily focuses on eliminating bonded Child Labour in Pakistan.

He is doing his BS in Political Sciences from Forman Christian College.

He takes a keen interest in world affairs and research into the personal lives of renowned world leaders.

Kabir is running his own organizations Tahreek-e-Ilm Foundation and Roshan Pakistan.NADIR ALI KHAN – YOUNG PAKISTANI HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST & FOUNDER OF E-HANDS

He has also started the “The first brick kiln school of Pakistan in Kasur”

that is providing free quality education to brick kiln children labors.

Kabir holds an impressive record of representing in several MUNs

where has won multiple awards

He has also chaired MUN’s like FORMUN, CSMUN, IACP, and many others.

He is also serving as a Director General at IACP, Lahore International Conference and the President of World MUN Pakistan.Abdul Sattar Edhi

Kabir has been working with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital

as an ambassador and a supervisor for the past three years.

He has also been working with Wish NGO as a CEO

and with Duniya News as a Correspondent.

Kabir is also running two of his own companies, “Pinnacle Medical Services” and “Brand Builders advertising Agency”.

His vision is to educate every single Pakistani citizen so that the problems like Poverty,

Women rights/empowerment, Corruption, Unemployment, Religious and sectarian issues can be solved.

Making this school was a huge success for us to promote education for such children who cannot afford to go to school.

“It is a known fact that education provides the base for both social and economic development. Our main goal is to strive for the education of our children, help them broaden the horizons of their minds, to instill perseverance and help our children to dream big, for they’re the future of Pakistan.” –  Kabir Sohail


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