Jinnah Pakistan

Is This Really A Jinnah Pakistan

How Nations are Born

There is a hope, an ideology, a strong effort behind the success of a number of nations around the World in the form of an Individual personality.That specific person is the one who plays a vital role in the pavement of the road to the betterment of that nation he belongs to.

Sometimes independent nations are born just because of the supreme effort of that particular individual. Nations where people can live freely without the interference of the foreign elements.

Muslims of subcontinent struggled for their independence until they found a Passionate leader in the form of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was destined to lead the Muslims upfront.

Jinnah, the Founder of Pakistan

Born in Karachi, to a prosperous family, he started his career as a lawyer. He joined the All India Muslim League in 1916 as the President of the Party. His struggle of more than 30 years resulted in an Independent Muslim Nation known as Pakistan.

In these 30 years, he had to go through a lot. Joining Muslim league and then opposing Congress in every way possible, was something which someone else may not have dared to try especially with Hindu’s and Britain’s ruling the continent.

His teachings vs us

During his struggle, before the independence and after the formation of Pakistan, he left a lot of things for us (Residents of Pakistan) to ponder upon. His prime slogan/motto which is “Faith, Unity, Discipline” alone is the fruit of all of his advices for us.

If we just look around us or even within us, we can surely make ourselves to wonder over how much far we have been gone from Faith, how much unity we need right now as we are being faced by the poisonous atmosphere of terrorism, and how much discipline we need in this very moment when we are scattered despite of being one nation.

The need of the hour is that we have to enlighten ourselves with the importance of this Motto. We have to implement these three but Crucial words which can set our body language straight in a permanent way.

We, the people of Pakistan, are solely responsible for taking care of this country. And every individual have to play a part in implementing the visible version of this Slogan. May Allah bless us all with the everlasting faith, with unbreakable unity and with unshakeable discipline.


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