Jehan Ara

Jehan Ara – Pakistani Tech Entrepreneur & the President of P@SHA

Meet Jehan Ara, a Pakistani expert in the development of entrepreneurship, startups etc.

She is widely known as P@SHA’s tech incubator,

P@SHA being Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES.

She spent her initial life in Hong Kong where her father was employed & got her education from there and later, worked there as well.

She got to work on a regional level role in a mass media related company of Hong Kong.

But, in 90s, as her father retired and decided to move to Pakistan, so did she.

Here she got the idea to open up a media firm with a friend of hers.

So, she started meeting up with some top of the tier representatives from companies including IBM.

In an effort to convince them on an online presence in Pakistan,

she couldn’t get some appreciable response.

Reason being the higher costs and not so countrywide availability of internet back then.

But with the passage of time, her company caught eyes and attracted different clients.

It was then when she decided to join P@SHA as well because she believed,

it would be beneficial for her company apart from her own good.

As of the moment, she is the president of P@SHA and is regarded as a pillar in the development of the company in talk.

Apart from being a regular speaker at seminars, colleges & universities across Pakistan,

she also writes for various publications. She is also working on a initiative known as Women’s Virtual Network which will act

as a connection between capable women of Pakistan and distant employers around the world.

Additionally, she is a member of marketing sub committee of

Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards aka APICTA representing Pakistan.

“Kids are not going to wait till the system sorts itself out.”

-Jehan Ara, P@SHA

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