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Inspiring Young Pakistani Social Activist: Talha Naseer

A Story of Young Pakistan Social Activist

Talha Naseer is an inspiring young Pakistani social activist & Founder of Jad-o-Jehad Foundation.

Being 23 years of age, he is currently completing his Master’s in

Business Administration from UCP Lahore and takes a keen interest in world affairs

Talha has won multiple awards and has also worked with many private

NGO’s like Sundas Foundation, Fatimid Foundation, and Life Foundation.

He has also worked with Shaukat Khanam Hospital in their marketing

department and as a brand ambassador for Daily Pakistan.

In early puberty unlike other youngsters, he attended seminars

of awareness and learn the insights of issues of people and management.Zymal Umar

Talha kept learning the ways in which he could help people

& He has actively participated in much unpaid social work

which provided intrinsic rewards to him.

He worked with NGO’s and was finally able to convince his peers

to aid people because of his influential personality and unique cause.

From arranging seminars to providing assistance to people in need, Talha evidenced his creativity, compassion, and zeal.

Today, he has been serving as the VP in UCP’s Disaster Management Society

and as a General Secretary with UCP’s Catalyst Society.

He aims to eradicate Thalassemia and spread awareness regarding Disaster management.Ali Ahmad Awan

He has also conducted several camps and donation drives to help Thalassemia patients.

Talha has turned into a young energetic man who needs

to thrive in the society with an eye to bring about a positive change.

“The sole meaning of life is serving humanity” – Talha Naseer

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