5 Habits That Are Destroying Your Creativity (1)

5 Habits That Are Destroying Your Creativity

“Creativity is the power to act”. It can unleash doors to brilliance once you have mastered it. There are habits that groom your creativity and increase the value of your mind. But there are also some habits that are opposite to this. Below are 5 of the Habits Destroying Your Creativity.

1. Always Looking for Top Place

Today, major strength of public is struggling for that 1st place in their relative fields both in their minds and physiques. But this thing is actually an enemy of your creativeness.

If you are in the race of getting on top, then you might miss those chances of grooming your creativity. If you are in the race then you are no different than the rest. If you want to shine, then you have stay where you are. You have to think, work hard for the excellence. You don’t have to follow others otherwise you are just wasting your time and your creative mind.

2. Don’t Run After PERFECTION

Let us assume that you are an employer. You have a goal set in your mind. You have a number of persons working under you. And you want to perfect your idea. Stop right there. You are going on wrong track.

The thing is that things don’t work out as we think of them to be all the time. There are always ups and downs on the way. So you have to stop chasing the perfection. Instead just work hard for your goal and be humble for what you have.

3. Do Not Judge too Early

Most of us have habit to judge ourselves too soon even before the results start showing up. That is utterly wrong. Patience is the key here. We have to wait for the idea to implant its roots. We don’t have to diverge from it.

If we stick to original idea, we may end up having excellence. But if we start to consider other options then we are clearly in a hurry. We are not chasing excellence. Instead, we are after success here which is not so good. Remember excellence > success.

4. Don’t Compare Yourself to Everyone Else

When you start to compare yourself, you actually start to betray yourself. It is ok to have someone as your icon. But you don’t have to walk on the same steps which led him to his/her status. Make your own way and work on its pavement.

5. Don’t take Criticism for Personal

Criticism is your friend. It makes you aware of your shortcomings. Make it a tool to tighten up your loose screws. But don’t take it as a hammer to start digging up the road which has led you so far. Just make sure that you are staying there where you are. And you are going to learn from your mistakes.

So these were some of the habits destroying your creativity. We hope you avoid them instead of availing them. 🙂

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