farhan wilayat

Farhan Wilayat – A Pakistani Humanitarian, Interfaith Harmonizer

Humanitarian, Peace Worker, Interfaith Harmonizer.

Farhan Wilayat is a Pakistani Humanitarian, Peace Worker, Interfaith Harmonizer.

He has been involved in different human rights and peacemaking activities.

Wilayat started a project named Sindh Water Relief Project, aimed to install handpumps in Sindh where clean water was unavailable.

He claims that he has been able to provide healthy drinking water and to reduce the water-borne diseases in interior Sindh.

He also distributes sewing machines among widows after passing the individuals through a merit manipulation.

Wilayat distributes wheelchairs to the disabled persons which he believes, is a step, to keep them moving despite their disabilities.

He established a Charity Fund Mission of Pakistan, in 2016, to help those senior TV artists financially who are having monetary issues because of their personal conditions.

Apart from this, Wilayat also works for interfaith peace.

He formed a group of volunteers to raise voice for the rights and protection of religious minorities in Pakistan.

He also arranges peace tours of different religious spots across Pakistan for a better understanding among them.

Wilayat has also received a number of awards for his works.

National Minorities Award and Peace Ambassador Award are two of his achievements out of a handful of them.

Let’s learn peace, humanity, tolerance and harmony which the world is in need of at an utmost degree. Farhan Wilayat

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