Punjab Govt Is About To Introduce E-Challaning System

Journey of Challan

With everyday increase in Traffic and Vehicles, it is getting harder to stop the illegal road related activities. Pakistan has a traffic system where a certain part of public does not care about traffic rules. Consequently, they get challaned for their negligence. It is not easier to write down all of the challan related information. Also there could be some complications in the likes of fake information. So Punjab Government of Pakistan is at the verge of launching an E-Challaning app.

E-Challaning App

It will be now easier to get the details of the lawbreaker. Let me tell you about the working of this system.

First of all, you will have to log into the app. After that, a frame will appear which will ask you to select the category of the vehicle. Once done, it will demand to enter the CNIC number of the wrongdoer.

For this purpose, you will have to place the CNIC Card behind the camera of the phone/device. It will scan the QR Code stamped on that card. And will get the car info with the help of that cnic no and connections with excise department’s database. After that, you will have to verify this entry by tapping on the verify button.

Once it is done, what you have to do is to enter the cell no of the owner and select the type of the offense committed by him/her. And after insertion of the data, the app will ask you to print the challan. A summary of the challan will also appear on the screen.

A small hand operated printer is attached to the typing device by the help of some wireless connection. Once you have clicked on the print command, a hard copy of the challan will be in your hands. Additionally, a challan related text message will be sent to the vehicle owner.

Future Expectation

This seems to be a nice initiative by the Govt. of Punjab and I hope that other parts of our country will also learn from this thing and will adopt it as soon as possible.

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