The Journey of Dzoel To Success Is A Motivation For Everyone.

Our Perception about Disability

Every day, we see some people around us with some kind of Physical disability in them. We get illusions of imperfection after seeing them. But this article will show that physical disability is not the synonym of imperfection. In other words, you don’t need to be complete to be perfect. Dzoel, an Indonesian native, is the living example of this phrase.

Story of Dzoel

Achmed Zulkarnain was born without hands and legs. His friends now call him Dzoel. He is a famous photographer. ALJAZEERA.COM recently interviewed Dzoel.

Children used to tease him for the way he looks. However, he didn’t realize that he was different from the rest until he was 8.

“I found a big mirror. That was when I realized I’m different from everyone else,” he said.

This incident depressed him a lot . As a result, he did not leave the house for a certain period.

But then he got his confidence back with the help of his family and friends. Later, he went on to graduate from High School and got a job to run an internet café.

As per Dzoel, “There was a photography service there. I decided to buy a camera on credit. I learned and learned and learned until I was known as a photographer.”

Dzoel uses his different body parts to perform certain operations on the camera. “I don’t have fingers so I have to push the camera against my face. To switch on and off, I use my mouth. And I use the extra bits of skin on my hand to press the shutter.”

He is now a professional photographer. Additionally,  Dzoel teaches a number of students about photography at a local youth club.

He has a custom built Go-Cart which he calls his “Legs” which he has designed for himself. This custom built cart uses a motorcycle engine and brakes with a steering wheel from go-cart. “If someone else tried to use it, it would be uncomfortable” he added.


People like Dzoel are inspiration to masses of people.  His presence justifies the example that “Nothing is Impossible” if you stay strong and motivated.

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