Danish Khan

Danish Khan – A Young Pakistani Social Genius

Danish Khan is 17 years old Founder/Head of ACT Youth Force.

In 2015, started a campaign named as True Education on Facebook and made videos to get his message across.

He defines Education as: “Education is an art of Self-Knowing and Self-Exploring”

His inspiring story has been recently featured in a book by Faida Foundation: “50 Social Geniuses of Pakistan”

He says: “I used to speak to win the competitions but now, I speak to win my heart and yours”

Danish represented Pakistan at Seeds of Peace International Camp U.S.A. in 2015 as a part of Pakistani Delegation.

In the past 6 months, his youth group, AYF has engaged over 1000 people through social media and more than 500 students at different schools.

He aims to be an Education policy maker and a teacher.

Danish got selected for an Advanced Leadership Program at Cyprus in 2016 by Seeds of Peace.

He says: “My success is seeing people going ahead of me, with my little assistance”

He does not receive any material return for all his humble social services as he says: “With each breath,I keep getting the biggest award of my life; that is the self-satisfaction”.

Like everyone, he faced a lot of resistance. But he took all the discouragements as prime encouragement which led him to where he is today.


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