Current Situation Of Burma And Role Of Pakistan

Current Situation Of Burma And Role Of Pakistan

Muslim Minority at Stake

Muslim Minority has been treated badly both in terms of physical and mental health around the World. We can start from Kashmir where Muslims are being tortured and killed by Indian forces. We can also start from the mercilessness of Israel over the people of Palestine which began in the middle of the 20th century and has resulted in a mass massacre of Muslims to date.

Horrors of Syria, an independent Muslim country, are still breathing in the brutal environment of this World. And then there is Burma, a new addition to the ongoing chaos in the Muslim Society.

Current Situation of Burma

Burma is a state consisting of more than 100 ethnic groups. Muslims have an overall Population of more than 1 million. Their group name is Rohingya.

Recently, the Government of Burma has denied the existence of Rohingya people as not being one of the ethnic-groups of Burma. And hence, has started a Military Crackdown against this Muslim Minority. Consequently, there is a mass massacre of Muslims.

As of this hour, Muslim states around the World have already begun raising their voices against this ferocity on Rohingya Muslims. Pakistan is no exception among them. News channels, Newspapers are all in for their Muslim brothers to help out.

One particular person I would like to point out is Iqrar-ul-Hassan, a Pakistani television presenter and journalist. He raises his voice against different forms of crimes and fraudulent activities.

This time, he has gone one step further, by fleeing to Burma, to ensure his availability to elevate the depressed voices of the Muslims of Rohingya. This is a much appreciable effort by him as current situation is not beneficial for visits like these.

Let us pray that May Allah Protect him from all of the threats.

Role of Pakistan

Current Situation Burma & Role Of Pakistan

As far as Pakistan is concerned, being Muslim brothers of people of Rohingya, nationwide protests are being conducted against the brutality of Burma over Rohingya Muslims. Pakistani officials have raised its voice in front of the World to put pressure on Burma’s Government to stop the inhuman acts against Rohingya’s Muslims.

Last but not least, right now what we can do is support our Muslim brothers of Rohingya morally. We can also assure them that we stand with them in these moments of crisis. Let’s all pray for them that May Allah protect them from further harm and keep the Muslims around the World under HIS protection.

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