Finally Cricket Is Back On The Grounds Of Pakistan

Finally Cricket Is Back On The Grounds Of Pakistan

Cricket is a sport which is equally popular among adults as well as children. Pakistani people have special bond with this play for years. 1992 World Cup win was a big step ahead in the ever growing popularity of this sport in our country.

Since then, we have seen cricket matches on small screens around the corners of the streets as well as with naked eyes and with players in front of us on cricket grounds. But then an unfortunate event left those playgrounds abandoned for around 8 years.

But it wasn’t long until the magnificence of these grounds finally returned with the same intensity as it was before 2009 with the help of World XI’s tour of Pakistan in September 2017.

Cricket is back in pakistan

The terrorism acts of 2009 against Sri lanka’s cricket team left an impact of horror on the cricket-fields of Pakistan. 12 gunmen attacked the bus of Sri lankan players, near the Gaddafi Stadium of Lahore.

As a result, 6 members of Sri lanka’s cricket team got injured . A number of Pakistani policemen and civilians got killed in that horrific event. In all these years, despite of strong attempts by Pakistan Cricket Board and Pakistani Government, other nations seemed reluctant to play a role in the revival of playgrounds of our country.

Cricket is back

With the homecoming of peace to a large extent, reintroduction of this sport became need of the hour. And then, finally, after considerable amount of effort, here we are with the international cricket revisiting Pakistan in the form of ICC’s World XI team.

Finally Cricket Is Back On The Grounds Of Pakistan

Now comes the part which we have to play in this matter. Being Pakistani, we have to make sure that we support this come back of cricket on our soil as we have seen enough of these matches being played on our so called home ground of Dubai/UAE.

Cricket Is Back We should participate in this event if possible as a live spectator. That would be beneficial both for our country and for cricket. And finally, let’s pray for a safe future of our country and its people. Let us hope we get to see more and more cricket on our national grounds.Crowd For World Xi Vs Pakistan Cricket Match

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