Billboards & Different Safety Precautions

World is evolving in every manner we can imagine of. Technology, Skyscrapers, Bullet Trains, Supercars are some of the examples of the evolution of this Globe. But Human population is increasing with the same pace as these inventions are taking place.

The population of World has reached 7.5 billion as of April 2017. And these numbers are just keen on increasing like a wildfire. With ever-increasing number of Humans, World is on the track of becoming more and more chaotic place. But some of us always have to play a part to keep the balance between chaos and order.

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Today, we see a lot of banners about safety precautions on traffic roads and signals. There are instructions of not driving too fast or warnings about keeping our paddles under speed limit. Obviously, these are there for the benefit of drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicle riders.

Also we see a humongous amount of billboards and banners consisting of large steel or iron made structures. Again these are for our comfort, telling us about specific brands, their products, their summer/winter limited discounts etc.

But there is a dark side to these huge structures too. No one is aware when a mishap may happen. Either an unexpected storm may hit or a heavy blow of air may cause troubles. These banners and structures are obviously hard, rigid and tied to their specific spot by some means but there is a limit to their rigidity and their flexibility.

Emergency Help Purposes

BillboardsSuppose if dislocation occurs by some natural/unnatural disaster. And in result, these boards/structures happen to fall on some vehicle, on someone passing by. So who will be responsible for that? There are some contact details under the title of TO LET but I am afraid those are just for dealing purposes with the clients/customers.

But they are not intended for emergency help purposes . There must be legit contact details, embossed on those shapes. A quick response should be available by the owner of that property too.

We can also stop these events from happening at first place. There are some digital advertising tools around these days. We can choose them both for our benefit and for public service. They are a bit expensive but more beneficial too.

After all, incidents like these are no less than a nightmare for the client himself. I mean no one would consider making a deal with that merchant again after knowing that a certain incident happened because of the negligence of that client.

So we must take steps for a safe and better future of our World. No one is going to come and teach us from outside of this globe. It’s on us and solely on us. We have to evolve, in a better and safe way.

Stay Safe.

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