benefits of Trees

These benefits of Trees will show that How Valuable they are

Trees are essential for the survival of this planet. But these days, they are being cut to avail wood for different manly purposes. This article will make us aware of the benefits of trees.

Trees provide us Oxygen

trees looking upOxygen is the top element to ensure life on earth. Without it, we will not be able to breathe and eventually, we will die. Trees are probably the best natural source which provides oxygen. It is said that 1 acre area of grown up trees is enough to produce oxygen for 18 people for a year.

They are anti-pollution

Trees emit oxygen but they also absorb carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a pollute gas which is known to increase the overall temperature of earth. It produces gap in the ozone layer resulting in harmful rays reaching the earth.

A single grown up tree can absorb 48 lbs/year of CO2. So, trees ensure low pollution and more oxygen for living.

Source of Fresh Air

Trees absorb unhealthy gases like ammonia, nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2) etc. Consequently, they supply fresh air through their existence.

Trees provide Food

As we all know, we get our food from trees in the form of vegetables and fruits. So it means that if we will plant them more and more then we will get more natural food supplies from them.

Trees Reduce Noise

Trees also act like a wall which reduces noise. As they are hurdles in the way of sound waves so we will get less noise from environment around us with their help.

Trees provide Medical Supplies

Trees like lime, Neem, Elder, Oak provide medical benefits to humanity. They are used to make herbal medicines for different purposes.

Natural Cooling

One of the benefits of trees is that they are natural coolers for environment. They release water vapors through their leaves which make the air wet and cool.

These were just a bunch of benefits of trees out of hundreds maybe. These are the clear evidence that why we should plant them.

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