Ateeq Afridi

Ateeq Afridi – Pakistani Social Activist & Founder of Acts of Kindness

Pakistani social activist

Ateeq Afridi is a Pakistani social activist and humanitarian, belonging to Kohat,

He is professionally an Electrical engineer, graduated from FAST NUCES.

Ateeq is also the Founder and CEO of an organization named Acts of Kindness Pakistan.

This organization is a small scale organization, working on mini level projects for the betterment of community.

Ateeq has a number of people working under his banner across the country.

He has named them as the Kindness Squad.

Zymal Umar

Acts of Kindness has a mix of young professionals and students in its workforce.

AOK has hosted sahoor and iftar in the Holy month of Ramadan and has

successfully managed Ramadan Meherban Food Drive in 2016 and 2017.

This food drive expanded to about 10+ cities in 2017, starting from Islamabad and Peshawar alone in 2016.

AOK also distributed ration packs among more than 220 families in different cities.

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This project cost about 1.3 million rupees with all the money coming from the donations done by the friends, family, volunteers etc.

Other community works of AOK include helping orphans in education and marital matters, birthday visits to orphanage.

AOK also provide wheelchairs, donated blood and aided medically to the deserving humans.

Ateeq Afridi was awarded Aneela Hafeez Award on in December 2017 in Islamabad for his services.

Life’S Most Persistent And Urgent Question Is What Are You Doing For Others – Ateeq Afridi

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