Allama Iqbal, the Vision Behind the Existence of Pakistan

Allama Iqbal, Spiritual Father of Our Nation

There is always a spirit behind some big events of history in this World. Allama Iqbal was a human being who is known as Spiritual Father of Pakistan. He played a key role in the separation of the sub-continent and in the formation of Pakistan, an Islamic territory.

November 9th marks his Birth date and is admired by Pakistanis every year. Let’s shine a thin light on some important aspects of his life regarding the independence of Pakistan.

Iqbal’s Struggle and Ideology of Pakistan

Iqbal had keen interest in politics since his youth days. But it was after he got Doctorate of Philosophy in 1908 that he got a chance to step into a proper world of diplomacy. He was chosen as a joint secretary of Punjab Muslim League then.

Iqbal had critical opinion about Indian National Congress while he remained active in Muslim League. He called Congress as ruled by Hindus. He remained very close to Jinnah and played a key role in convincing him to demand a separate homeland.

When Jinnah imposed self eviction on himself, Iqbal played a key role to convince him otherwise. These were his words: “I know you are a busy man but I do hope you won’t mind my writing to you often, as you are the only Muslim in India today to whom the community has right to look up for safe guidance through the storm which is coming to North-West India and, perhaps, to the whole of India.”

Some people have a belief that Jinnah never fully wanted the partition of India; It was Iqbal and his close correlation that led him to accept the idea of Pakistan. Iqbal explained his idea about a separate Muslim homeland to him in a letter sent on June 21st 1937:

“A separate federation of Muslim Provinces, reformed on the lines I have suggested above, is the only course by which we can secure a peaceful India and save Muslims from the domination of Non-Muslims. Why should not the Muslims of North-West India and Bengal be considered as nations entitled to self-determination just as other nations in India and outside India are.”

Final Thoughts

It won’t be wrong to say that it was Iqbal after all who got Muslims of Subcontinent their rights and remained as a soul behind the formation of Pakistan even after his death on April 21st , 1938.

In remembrance of his Birth Anniversary, here are some poetic words written by none other than Iqbal, probably the greatest poet this World has seen till now:

There are other worlds beyond the stars;
More tests of love are yet to come.
This vast space is not lifeless?
In it there are hundreds of other caravans.
Do not be content with the world of colour and smell:
There are other gardens, and other nests, too.
What is to worry if you have lost one residence?
There are other stations one might sigh and cry for!
You are an eagle; your job is to fly:
You have other skies in front of you.
Do not get lost in this maze of day and night,
There is, for you, another space, another time.
Gone are the days when I was an isolate in the group:
Many here now are, confidants of mine.

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