ali ahmad awan

Ali Ahmad Awan – A Young Pakistani Social Media Activist & Motivational Speaker

Young Pakistani Social Activist

Ali ahmad awan is a young Pakistani Social Media Activist and Motivational Speaker.

He strongly influences youngsters and urges them to excel.

Ali has a keen interest in Psychology.

His father, Mohsin Nawaz, is a Blind and Polio Paralysed.

But his multiple disability didn’t pose any hindrance to become a TV

and Radio Host.

And this was the thing which gave an adrenaline to Ali, to do something out of his comfort zone.

Ali used to attend different Workshops to increase the scale of his learning.

He has a handful of videos to inspire and motivate his viewers.

He says he had an option to entertain others through his videos but he

chose to make life skills in an entertaining style.

Ali has a huge fan following on his Facebook account with the number of followers over 10,000.

He was also invited by Mayor of Lahore, Mubashir Javed, for his encouragement.

Ali has a Best Young Social Media Activist Award to his name which is

quite an achievement in such a young age.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought” Ali Ahmad Awan

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