Abdul Sattar Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi – Pakistan’s Greatest Humanitarian

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born to a Memon Family before Subcontinent’s partition.

According to him, his mother used to give him two paisa’s.

One for him and one to give to a poor child.

Paisa is the 100th part of a Rupiya, the Pakistani Currency.

His mother died when he was 19, after being paralyzed by a stroke.

Lessons taught by his experiences and by his mother led him to make a network of services for old and miserable people.

After the partition of India, he moved to Karachi, Pakistan

Where he established a free dispensary for ineligible people

He founded Edhi Foundation in 1951

In 1957, following the asian flu plague, he bought an ambulance

with the help of donations from people

Later his wife (Bilquis) joined him in the expansion of his charity work

In his life, Edhi Foundation established a network of 1800 minivan ambulances

which is still World’s Largest Ambulance Service

Edhi was said to be the father/guardian of approx 20000 children

To this day, Edhi foundation has rescued over 20000 abandoned newborn babies,

retrained about 50000 orphans and trained nearly 40000 nurses.

More than 330 welfare centres are run by this foundation around Pakistan

which have supported a huge number of poor, abandoned and mentally ill people

Edhi is known as “Angel of Mercy”

He is considered to be Pakistan’s most respected personality.

He has won several awards for his work including a nomination of Nobel Peace Prize

Edhi died at the age of 88 due to kidney failure

One of his last wishes was to donate his organs after his death

But because of his illness, only some eye parts of his were suitable

“People have become Educated, but have yet to become human.”

——Abdul Sattar Edhi

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