Abdul Mueed – A Differently Abled Amazing Pakistani Entrepreneur

Abdul Mueed – A Differently Abled Amazing Pakistani Entrepreneur

Differently Abled Amazing Pakistani Entrepreneur

Abdul Mueed is differently abled amazing Pakistani entrepreneur

who is successfully running his own Home Food Delivery Startup

He was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 7 – a rare disease,

where a person cannot move a single part of his body without help.

Despite this, he continued his passion for education and passed matriculation with first division.FATIMA HASSAN – A DIFFERENTLY ABLED PAKISTANI GRAPHIC DESIGNER
After that, he got admission in his dream institution the Government College University of Lahore.

He later went on to take admission in the University of Central Punjab

but had to drop out after 2 months because of his worsening condition.

When his condition got stable after a year, he decided to do something productive with his life.

He wrote an autobiography and created his own blog along the way.

He also started his own welfare trust to help other differently abled people.MOIZ SHAUKAT – AN INSPIRATIONAL STORY OF PHYSICALLY DISABLED TEENAGER FROM PAKISTAN With the moral support of his mother, he started his own homemade Food business and came up with his website Rasoi.pk

He targeted a very profitable niche and started supplying food to offices and restaurants.

Rasoi.pk has turned into a successful business with a lot of clients from various places. It gets supplies from meat and vegetable suppliers.

Abdul Mueed’s mother cooks the dishes according to a pre-decided menu and forwards them to a destination with the help of delivery boys.

He currently has 5 people working with him, including himself and his
mother and interacts with his customers through his Facebook page.SARIM HASSAN – A SPECIAL PAKISTANI KID HAVING HIGH GOALS

He is now planning to launch a mobile app for Rasoi.pk.

Mueed comes up with the message of never losing hope.

He says that he himself got success on his 3rd attempt so one should continue trying.

God only blesses those who keep on struggling despite the difficulties  Abdul Mueed

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